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INTRODUCTION: Since founded in 1968, Jo Wellah Enterprise Co., Ltd. has devoted whole headedly to research and development of skills in production of footwear ceaselessly. With accumulation of experience for past more than thirty years, Jo Wellah Enterprise Co., Ltd. has gradually become one of famous vamp processing factories and one of major suppliers of footwear materials to high class footwear factories and leading traders in Taiwan. The newer and versatile material introduced by Jo Wellah have received high by popularity and are used by businesses who carry on leather goods and leather decorations in recent years. With the help in processional skills and experience together with automatic machinery and equipment, Jo Wellah has been able to help customer to reduce its cost to the minimum by accuracy in calculation on use of materials: Adhere to improvement of quality and creation of new designs to meet the global trends. Jo Wellah has been always pursuing technical break through and developing various materials so as to provide more rooms of design to the footwear industry and even to the businesses who sell leather goods, and thus trying to create a better prospect for the industry





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